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Medical Fitness for Duty


For commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, the most important safety feature is YOU – the driver! Each time you turn the key, you are responsible for your own safety, as well as the safety of all the people who share the road with you. The physical examination you take for your medical certificate confirms that you are healthy enough to safely perform the demanding job of a CMV driver and keep our Nation’s roads safe.

Driving a 5-ton - or more - large truck or bus is not like driving a passenger vehicle. Stopping time and distance, blind spots and limited maneuverability, require drivers to be in top driving performance. It is important to be alert to changes in traffic and be able to make quick decisions. Because making the right decisions saves lives.


Learn more about the process of getting your MedCard

Medical Exam

What to expect on the exam


What are some common exemptions


Applications and forms

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