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7 Crucial Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Truck drivers' health over the years has decreased tremendously. New regulations on truckers' health come out every year, new truck driver-related requirements to keep your CDL are stricter and it doesn't help Dairy Queen bring back your favorite blizzard flavor!

So how do you stay healthy throughout this all? It is not easy! Truck drivers just getting on the road don't have a huge salary to invest in your health right away so here are some cost-effective tips on staying healthy on the road!

1) Stay Hydrated

This means drinking water or replenishing with some low sugar electrolyte drink. I cannot tell you how many truck stops I have been at where I have seen truck drivers throwing away their dozens of Mountain Dew bottles and not a single water bottle in sight. If possible get a refillable mug and use that for water or we also suggest going to Sam's Club or Costco and buying a case of water at a time.

2) Eating Better Foods

I know I know I know. All my semi-truck driver friends couldn't wait to tell me the McRib was back. It looks a lot tastier than my chicken Caesar salad. However, I do not want the feeling in my stomach 3 hours later as I am trying to get a load delivered before my time is up. Apples, Lean proteins, and good carbs every day will go a long way to make you a healthier truck driver.

3) Get Better Sleep

Read our recent blog article on 9 Tips for a Better night's Sleep This gives an in-depth perspective on how to make sure you are getting quality rest every night.

4) Get Exercise

One of the more difficult tasks is getting exercise as a truck driver. There is very little time for us to stretch our legs and it is near impossible to hit the gym. I have seen a lot of drivers taking 15 minutes of their DOT 30 at truck stops near them and walking around, stretching, or doing push-ups.

5) Sunscreen

Now hear me out, you truck drivers. Before you roll your eyes realize that the sun can beat on you for 10 hours a day. The effects that exposure to the sun can have over the years can cause serious conditions. I have seen many use a face lotion with SPF in it.

6) Posture is King

Numerous studies are showing that truck drivers with poor posture are more prone to having an additional illness. Make sure you have quality back support. It is worth the investment.

7) Vitamins

This is one of the most overlooked categories of health for truck drivers. Truck stops and rest areas have junk food everywhere but rarely will you see a supplement or two. On the road, you are not able to get all your recommended nutrients required to live a healthy life. We have scoured the internet looking for a quality multi-vitamin we would suggest everyone take and found one!

Best Daily multivitamin for men and woman

This company is WADA certified. This means the ingredients in their product are proven safe by the same organization that does drug tests on Olympic athletes! This way you know what you are putting in your body is good. They have an entire line of probiotics, vitamin C, and multivitamins. I have attached their men and women daily multivitamins.

Now before you buy all the vitamins off the shelves please understand that we are not doctors. Please consult your doctor and driver manager before taking any vitamins to see if it is the best fit for you.

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