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9 Tips for Cleaning Inside your Truck

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Truck drivers eat, sleep and live in their trucks. Keeping clean, organized, and sanitary is extremely difficult but not impossible. Below are 9 simple tips to keep your truck clean and sanitized. This one is geared for truck drivers on a low salary so they can get as much clean as possible.

Why is it important to keep your truck clean? There are several answers! If you are a team driver then you have to think about the other person. You are sharing the space with another. A cleaner space also plays a factor in mental health, performance, and energy levels.

1) Clean the Dash

Truckers look at their dashboard every day! It is one area that can get duty easy. Go ahead grab a shop towel and wipe that off. We recommend not to use any glossy or shiny finishes. The last thing you want to do is have a product that leaves a glare. Below are some product recommendations.

2) Replace Air Filters

I know truckers do not always get a say but after a few trips as a truck driver in Texas, we saw our fair share of dirty air filters. It's worth getting the air filters cleaned. If the maintenance department is allowing these to be changed more frequently then we suggest a small portable air filter.

3) Remove Stains

If you have been an Amazon or FedEx class B driver before then you probably have sat in some pretty well-stained seats! Having a dirty seat can change the resell value of your truck drastically or show your potential co-drivers the level of hygiene you have.

We have found a product that is doesn't make your back slide, has no smell and has no harsh chemicals. LOC comes in a concentrated bottle. Price per use is unbeatable. We suggest using 1 capful of this cleaner into a regular water bottle with 4/5 water and shaking it up. Scrub it with a rag and watch the stains come right up.

4) Vacuum

This one is a no-brainer. Use the vacuum at the truck stop or invest in a small handheld one. Keeping the truck is a daily effort. No different than you cleaning your kitchen after you cook. Getting all that loose gravel and dirt out can make a big difference. I even see other truckers with brooms in their trucks.

5) Take the trash out

I would always keep an old Walmart plastic sack that would turn int3o my daily trash bag. When it was time to park the truck for the day, I would just grab the sack of all the trash it accumulated that day and throw it away. This tip can help out big time so truckers don't get moldy food in your truck

6) Treat the leather

If your seats are leather then make sure to put some protective coating on them or conditioner. This will lead to a much more comfortable ride without ruining the seat. There are many great products out there we just give a word of caution to make sure it is dry before you drive again so you don't get those chemicals or residue on your back.

7) Clean your windows

It is worth buying a quality window cleaner and having that in your truck. These cleaners are maybe $5 at the store. I would grab some good microfibre towels too. Making sure you have a streak-free window could mean a big difference when it is raining at night.

8) Sanitizing

This is a big one. Make sure you are sanitizing the truck often. Truck drivers travel everywhere and sometimes the places you pass through are not always the cleanest. It is best to have a few of these items on hand:

- Hand Sanitizer

- Disinfectant

- Portable wipes

The same company that sells great stain remover provides high-quality concentrated versions of these products as well. There best product is a very effective aerosol spray that can kill viruses such as COVID-19 and even bedbugs! Here is the link for that one!

9) Do it daily

It is hard for truck drivers to keep their energy levels up every day is hard. Some days you do not feel like doing anything. Having a clean living space can help improve that. You have to be disciplined to make it happen every day and make cleaning a priority.

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