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Truck Drivers and Energy Drinks

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Professional truck drivers work long hours and can easily become tired and worn down. Being tired while driving is extremely dangerous so of course truckers resort to caffeine and energy drinks. These can be a terrible choice for your long term health. BUT We found some best options for truckers to choose instead!

Some energy drinks and energy options are terrible for you but there is good news! There are some great alternative options. We scoured the internet and found these safe and reliable energy drinks and energy options for truckers.

If you need an energy kick then we suggest these brands of energy drinks. Buy Xs Energy Drinks to keep them in your truck. These are a great alternative to the unhealthy brands you find at gas stations. They have only 80mg of caffeine and loads of B vitamins. This means you get the energy from a healthier form.

Healthy Living

The best option is to eat well, exercise, and get some sleep. Check out our other blog post here for more info regarding that. Better tips for better sleeping > Learn more here Better tips for better living > Learn more here

One of the biggest reasons why drivers are tired is because they are simply dehydrated. There is a difficult balance between staying hydrated and not stopping every 2 hours to use a restroom. There is one brand of water called Perfect Water that is High in Ph and oxygen-rich. This means less water and more health benefits. Click here to read more!

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